Finest Head-to-Head Evaluation of Cordless Reciprocating Saws

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To conclude our collection on reciprocating saws, we come to the kings of the wi-fi class: the tremendous wi-fi saws! Though the time period "greatest wi-fi reciprocating noticed" can lead you to think about all that’s wi-fi, these are the very best of the very best amongst a choose group of producers.

We won’t allow you to hold, although. Click on on the hyperlinks beneath to see the winners in our different wi-fi classes.

What distinguishes these saws from the remainder of the cordless reciprocating saws? Some function on larger voltages, equivalent to 36V or 60V (54V max). Others use superior battery expertise to tug extra energy with out leaving the 18V / 20V max system. No matter their vacation spot, these saws promise superior efficiency, some rivaling the slicing speeds of the 15A wired reciprocating saws.


Finest Cordless Reciprocating Noticed

Milwaukee M18 Tremendous Sawzall Gas

Milwaukee Ranked First within the International Cordless Reciprocating Saws with Chopping Pace ​​That Leaves Opponents With out thread within the mud. Because the inventors of the unique Sawzall, Milwaukee depends on its heritage and its superior wi-fi growth to depart with a well-deserved victory.

Finest Chopping Pace ​​of the Cordless Reciprocating Noticed

Milwaukee M18 Tremendous Sawzall Gas

Milwaukee crushed its rivals in slicing pace. He has gained victories in our wooden demo and studded roof exams with a decent win within the body bars. The one flaw in his armor got here from the medium steel lower, the place Metabo HPT and Hilti discovered a bonus.

Finest Vibration Management of the Cordless Reciprocating Noticed

Metabo HPT 36V MultiVolt Reciprocating Noticed

Metabo HPT has developed a design for his or her MultiVolt Reciprocating Noticed which has a web benefit in controlling vibration in comparison with its rivals, permitting a extra comfy demolition expertise.

The Most Compact Cordless Reciprocating Noticed

DeValt 60V Max FlexVolt Brushless Reciprocating Noticed

When speaking concerning the heavyweight division, the dimensions n & # 39 will not be as necessary as compact saws. Once more, you most likely won’t wish to use a 25 pound reciprocating noticed all day, even when it's the quickest.

DeWalt and Makita stand out as the one two saws to weigh lower than 10 kilos with Tremendous Noticed class piles. With a lighter weight of zero.1lbs (battery included) and a zero.1 "size shorter than Makita, DeWalt is barely extra compact general.

Finest Worth for Cordless Reciprocating Noticed

Makita 18V X2 Brushless Reciprocating Noticed

Four of 5 saws from the Tremendous Noticed class get strong worth scores, however none can eclipse Makita for the very best worth. That is the most cost effective equipment within the group with excessive sufficient scores in our examined classes to provide the greatest worth for cash.

Finest Cordless Reciprocating Noticed: How We Examined and Full Outcomes

Pace ​​Cutter

As probably the most highly effective cordless reciprocating saws we examined, they can carry out the largest and the worst demo jobs. On the identical time, you wouldn’t use them for among the lighter demonstration duties. The exams we have now put in place for them mirror this idea.

For all our exams, we used a 5-pound weight wrapped round every noticed to make it possible for all of them have equal assist power.

Nail – Recessed Wooden

We fired 5 16D nails in 2 x 10 PT and timed every noticed a number of occasions to acquire a mean slicing pace within the nailed wooden. We positioned a brand new Lenox Demolition CT carbide tip blade in every. These 6 TPI blades last as long as 6 occasions longer than commonplace Lenox bimetallic wooden nails and their thick profile helps stabilize the lower. You may choose them up in lengths of 6 ", 9" or 12 ".

Milwaukee and Metabo HPT blew the remainder of the sector out of the water with slicing speeds that may compete within the 15-amp wired class

Though DeWalt, Hilti and Makita have been actually not sluggish, their common beats have been overwhelmed by 4 saws in the usual 18V class (Bosch, Hilti,

Sandwich of roofing

We made a 2 x 10 PT cocktail, flashing, tarred paper, asphalt shingles and 5 16D galvanized nails to learn the way lengthy it takes to chop by way of a a lot harder mess

We didn’t use the load this time As a substitute, we set our platform to a typical roof angle and hand lower in the identical means as for a job To make sure that the method doesn’t have an effect on the outcomes, T om Gaige and I turned off the cuts.

We stayed with Lenox Demolition CT carbide tipped blades for this take a look at.

Milwaukee continues its high pace with a strong lead over Metabo HPT in second. This difficult take a look at reveals among the variations between wired and wi-fi, with 15 amp class leaders slicing 25 % quicker.

EMT Minimize

In our medium steel slicing take a look at, we lower EMT 2 "with Lenox blades Lazer 18 TPI steel medium bi-metal. These bimetallic blades have larger slicing profiles that enable for extra secure cuts and a Energy Blast design that will increase general blade life by growing power. They’re accessible in 6 ", 9" or 12 "lengths.

Metabo HPT takes first place with Hilti on his heels, not one of the others succeeded inside Four seconds.

Returning to the 18V class, the 2721 from Milwaukee and the Makita XRJ05 had pretty quick averages in the identical take a look at to defeat DeWalt, Makita and Milwaukee from this

Cup of Obstacles. armature

We retrieved # 5 (5/eight ") rebar rods and Lenox Lazer CT carbide blades for our thick steel exams, nose to nose towards Milwaukee and Diablo, these blades Lenox have made extra cuts within the body bars earlier than the tooth begin to come off by a large margin.Minimize to chop, these are the very best thick steel blades we've ever examined.You may choose them up in lengths of Four ", 6" and 9 ".

Milwaukee returns to the highest of s rankings of this take a look at with Hilti not far behind.

Much like the development we noticed, a handful of 18V class saws lower quick sufficient to compete with the DeWalt, Makita and Metabo HPT averages.

Take Away

With the variety of commonplace 18V saws that adopted our Tremendous Saws in these exams, it's pure to marvel if the premium is price it. As we noticed within the roof sandwich take a look at, these saws actually begin to separate when the cuts get tougher. Once you begin slicing 4x or thicker materials, the usual 18V fashions actually decelerate.

So, in fact, use the smaller saws the place you possibly can – who needs to make use of a heavier reciprocating noticed if you happen to would not have to? However the tremendous saws are the place you wish to flip for the hardest and thickest cuts and at all times cordless.


The classification of vibrations took a staff effort. Tom Gaige, Clint DeBoer and I independently spent high quality time with every Tremendous Noticed, slicing all our take a look at supplies and ranking them on a scale of 1 to Four. We averaged the scores on the finish to get our ultimate notes.

Take into account that these are vibration management notes, so larger notes are higher.

Metabo HPT will get the best vibration management rating with Hilti, Makita and Milwaukee locked in a Three-way tie for the second.

Characteristic Set

As the very best performing cordless reciprocating saws accessible, we count on to see the deepest characteristic units to accompany them. . Here’s what we’re on the lookout for and what fashions do we have now:

Brushless Motor

All Fashions Have a Brushless Motor

Orbital Motion

Metabo HPT CR36DAMilwaukee 2722

Variable Pace ​​Choice

Hilti SR 30-A36 (2-speed mechanical change) Makita XRJ06 (2-speed mechanical change) Metabo HPT CR36DA (Four-speed digital management) Milwaukee 2722 (5-speed dial)

Shoe Design

DeWalt DCS388: No -Adjustable swivel shoeHilti SR 30-A36: Adjustable swivel shoe with out toolMakita XRJ06: Non-adjustable swivel shoeBox HPT CR36DA: Adjustable swivel shoe with out toolsMilwaukee 2722: Adjustable swivel shoe with out instruments

Unlocking lever blade ( not a tree twist) Lock)

DeWalt DCS388Hilti SR 30-A36

Herringbone hook

Hilti SR 30-A36 (plastic) Makita XRJ06M HPT CR36DAMilwaukee 2722

LED Lamp

All fashions have a LED gentle

Spring Blade Ejection

Makita XRJ06 (Additionally, it locks within the open place and closes routinely once you insert a brand new Blade)

Sensible Controls

Extra Design Notes

DeWalt DCS388

The DeWalt FlexVolt battery platform operates at 60 V max (54 V) on this noticed and different FlexVolt instruments. It’s also backwards appropriate and might routinely change to 20 V max (18 V) when connecting to DeWalt 20 V Max instruments.

Hilti SR 30-A36

Hilti is the one producer we have now seen develop a dust-carrying attachment to assist include your demolition mud. Merely set up the optionally available accent on the aspect and join it to your vacuum cleaner.

This noticed contains the Hilti AVR – lively vibration discount – to assist cut back the vibrations that happen as much as your arm. It additionally has a thinner entrance deal with that’s simpler to grip.

Makita XRJ06

Makita makes use of a thinner entrance deal with that’s simpler to understand than different saws.

Metabo HPT CR36DA

As a member of the Metabo HPT MultiVolt system, their reciprocating noticed has the distinctive capacity to function on a MultiVolt battery or AC adapter. The battery is backward appropriate with different instruments Metabo HPT and Hitachi 18 V.

The UVP (safety towards person vibration) Metabo HPT makes use of higher and decrease counterweights to stability the inherent forces of a reciprocating noticed to cut back the quantity of vibration you

Dimension and Weight

If you’re on the lookout for the lightest and most compact reciprocating noticed you possibly can put your hand, you look within the incorrect place. This doesn’t imply that this group is totally cumbersome.

Two saws stand out as being fairly compact for this class: DeWalt and Makita. All others measure greater than 18 inches lengthy and Milwaukee stretches past 19 inches.

naked instruments, Makita has the lightest design accessible. However he wants two 18V batteries to work and DeWalt takes over because the lightest together with his 2.0Ah / 6.0Ah battery. Makita may very well be lighter if you happen to go for Ah batteries, however this isn’t a standard technique for this noticed.

* Word: We’ve used the battery equipment or advisable by every producer.


At Professional Instrument Critiques, the worth is greater than only a value record. We completely study what you get in your cash and run a protracted record of issues by way of our algorithm.

Makita leaves with the best worth. Its equipment value is decrease than the remaining and is sufficient to overcome slower slicing efficiency.

Worth record

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